SmartVideo for CloudFlare users


  1. Regular <video> tags - default: off

    This will convert all <video> tags in the page to use Swarmify technology. Try it, but be sure to check, as using other players and plugins may conflict.

  2. YouTube embeds - default: on

    This will convert an embedded YouTube iframe to a normal video using Swarmify.


  1. Encoding time: When trying it for the first time, it can take several minutes to encode a new video in our system. Until it's encoded, our system will fall back to the default playback method.

  2. Excluding videos: If you need to exclude a video or YouTube iframe, just add the class swarm-exclude to the classes on the element.

More Options

If you want more options, such as the ability to add advertisements, see analytics, or choose your own colors, please visit for our more advanced plans.