Using the SmartVideo Tag

This page will help you get started using the SmartVideo Tag

For a more detailed look at using the SmartVideo tag on a website, we recommend visiting our Help Center.

Account setup

Visit to register for a SmartVideo account if you do not have a login yet. Once registered, you'll be given a unique key to access the Swarmify API. This API key is required to configure your site for video delivery by Swarmify.

Step 1

Before the final tag of your html template, insert the following JavaScript snippet.
(Please note that a swarmcdnkey is required for the Swarmify technology to be enabled) We have already populated your unique key in the Javascript below.

<script data-cfasync="false">
    var swarmoptions = {
        swarmcdnkey: "<<publicAPIKey>>"
<script data-cfasync="false" src=""></script>

Step 2

Step 1 loads our SmartVideo Player to play MP4 video files that are loaded through our technology. To utilize this player, you can insert the following HTML wherever you want your videos to appear; our <smartvideo> tag is just like the <video> tag, down to the same options. An example of what the SmartVideo player will look like, as well as a live demo, can be seen at

<smartvideo src="path/to/my/video.mp4" width="800" height="600" controls></smartvideo>


Setup complete! That's it...sit back and enjoy the best video playback at the best price powered by Swarmify technology.